Sunday 16th April, 2023

Today was cloudy and quite cold but the rain held off. We spent most of the day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. This is an amusement park which has been part of Blackpool since 1896. It has several old wooden roller coasters dating back to the 1930s. I went on all of them except the Big Dipper which wasn't operational. The movies below are known as POV (Point of View) videos. They show you the experience of the ride from the front seat. You can enjoy what I enjoyed right here and now!

The Blue Flyer

The Nickoldeon Streak

The Grand National (I didn't like this one, it hurt my neck!)

I also went on some more sedate rides.

Alice in Wonderland

Wallace & Gromit's Thrill-O-Matic

The Ghost Train

The River Caves

Satoshi went on all the rides above but also some others including...

Red Arrows Skyforce (Satoshi is actually in this video)

Photos are taken during some of the rides. These can be purchased later for ONLY £20! (Or one can take a photo of the photo on the screen, circumventing the need to pay all that money.)

Satoshi sat with the Mad Hatter on the Alice in Wonderland ride. He didn't have much to say... perhaps he was scared?

Satoshi about to begin the "Valhalla" ride

A somewhat wetter Satoshi exiting the ride!

We also went on the miniature train ride. The locomotive was built in 1934. We wondered if it was once steam-driven. Sadly, it's only a diesel engine now.

We had dinner at Toby Carvery  at Morcambe. We had both been looking forward to having a meal at a Toby Carvery and we were not disappointed. Dinner was hot, with plenty of meat and as many vegetables as we could eat. All this for £12.99!

Our next stop was Lancaster where we visited the Lancaster Priory Church. It was fortunate that there was a Service on at 6:30pm or we would have missed out on seeing inside this beautiful building. The light was beginning to fade during our visit so the photos of the windows are not as bright as they could have been.

It was lovely to hear the bells being rung before the Service.

I think this is Saul about to fall off his horse because of the Vision he had on the road to Damascus (Acts 9).

King Alfred and St Oswald

A detail from the Mothers' Union banner, showing the Annunciation (Luke 1: 26-38)

This organ is at the west end of the church...

...and this one is near the choir. They are played from the same console.

We attended the service at 6:30pm. It was "The Stations of the Resurrection". Members of the congregation had made some tapestries of parts of the story of the Resurrection. These had been placed around the church. The Service involved the congregation moving to each display. There was a reading and a prayer at each one. Following the Service, we drove to our accommodation at Windermere. We arrived at 8:51pm with ten minutes to spare before the reception closed! We were made to feel very welcome and our room is on the ground floor, very close to the bar and the breakfast room. The barman had not heard of port and only just knew about sherry. He said that he had worked there for five years and nobody had ever asked for it. He gave it to me in a standard glass - almost half full!! It's a wonder I wasn't "half full" afterwards! There was a grand piano to play. I'm sure we will have a very lovely four nights here!

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