Tuesday 18th April, 2023

We woke up to a lovely sunny day and had a very similar breakfast to yesterday. Our first destination was Hill Top, a farm which was once the home of Beatrix Potter. It is now owned by the National Trust. There were a lot of people at the farm but it was well organised and we didn’t have to wait very long before we could go in. It was very interesting because most of the furniture inside the house was actually Beatrix Potter's as well as some paintings and other memorabilia that she had collected. She used the farm as inspiration for many of the illustrations in her stories, and it was very interesting to see some of these well known locations.

Some of the country near Hill Top. Everything is so green in England!

As we drive around the countryside, we see a lot of lambs in the fields. This has made me think of the music "All in the April Evening" quite a few times. If you don't know it, you can listen to it here.

A gate at Hill Top

The gate as an illustration in "Jemima Puddle-Duck"

The front of Hill Top as it is today...

...and as illustrated by Beatrix Potter.

A Bumble Bee

This is a replica of the original range in the kitchen...

...and this is the same range as drawn by Potter.

Beatrix Potter had excellent taste in crockery!

This carving is at the head of the bed above.

This photo is of a dressing mirror (with a reflection of me taking it!)...

...and the mirror as illustrated by Potter.

It was sad to look at this doll's house furniture after reading the information above.

There were some wonderful flowers in the Garden at Hill Top.

A magnolia

From there we travelled to Levens Hall which was built in the late 1500s and added to in the centuries since. Disappointingly, we were not allowed to take any photographs inside the building. I went to the bookshop, hoping to be able to buy a guide book so that I would have some photos to remind me of the place, but they had run out of the old books and the new ones had not arrived yet. We ordered lunch at the cafe.

I was not expecting a sandwich as big as this! It was lemon chicken.

Satoshi had Cartmel Pork and Apple Sausages. Note the beautiful blue sky! One advantage of England is that one can eat outside without the constant irritation of flies.

Levens Hall spares no expense when it comes to providing cutlery receptacles. They must have spent a fortune getting this one to look just like some old can!

We didn't have time to explore the gardens. Satoshi took this photo while I was still working my way through the lemon chicken sandwich!

From Levens Hall, we were scheduled to go to Sizergh Castle but, because of the beautiful weather, we decided we would go back to Lakeside and have a cruise on Lake Windermere instead. Lake Windermere is the largest natural lake in England. It is about 18km in length and about 1.5km at its widest point. The sun continued shining and we enjoyed our cruise very much. It took 40 minutes to travel from Lakeside to Bowness where we disembarked.

This seagull is very similar to the Pacific Gulls we get in Australia (which are one of my favourite birds).

This is the ferry on which we travelled.

Many of the grand old homes along the shores of the lake are now hotels.

As the “World of Beatrix Potter” attraction was located nearby, we decided to visit it. I was pleasantly surprised by this place. I had thought it might be very commercial, but it wasn’t. The entry fee was reasonable, and we spent an hour wandering around the various exhibits which included a garden outside with some lovely flowers. We then enjoyed a generous serving of Afternoon Tea.

Jemima Puddle-Duck and me

Just Jemima Puddle-Duck (without me)

Jemima with "the sandy whiskered gentleman".

Some of the models were very tiny. These mice were only about 3cm high,

If you didn't know her before, you know her now!

There was another lovely garden (Mr McGregor's of course) at this attraction.

After the return cruise to Lakeside, we set off for our accommodation. We decided that we would have dinner at Bowness. Yes, that’s where we were just 40 minutes prior! The trip in the car took only 14 minutes. We ate at The Lake View. We then faced a journey back to our accommodation. We arrived home in six minutes!

Canada Geese

There were only four other passengers on the ferry with us so it was not difficult to find a seat!

This was the view we had to put up with while enjoying our dinner.

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