Tuesday, 6th June, 2023

As we left Inverness quite late, we didn't arrive at our breakfast stop until 11:00am! This was Drumnadrochit (a small town near Loch Ness).

Even though we are on holiday, there are still admin tasks to be done. The big one for us today was to book ferry passages for the coming days. It took about an hour after breakfast to a2aww d the ferries we needed and then to book online. Finally, we headed off towards our second stop about 1:30pm!

We arrived at Eilean Donan Castle about 2:30pm, just in time for lunch!. It’s on a small island connected to the coast via a foot bridge. Although there was a castle here from the 13th century, it was destroyed in 1719 and lay in ruins until the 1930s, when it was rebuilt. Most of the castle was open to the public, but photography was not permitted, so there are no photos of the interior. Once again, we enjoyed the warmth of the sun.

Art work inspired by the front of Viking ships

The flag flying from the top of castle

When we left the castle, we drove to our accommodation which was at Drumbouie, near Kyle of Localsh. Drumbouie is such a small hamlet that I can't find a mention of it on internet! Apparently, the town and the area around it is owned by the Scottish National Trust who rent small areas of land to crofters. Our host told us that she had some cattle and some land she used to grow food for them. There were sheep roaming around the houses.  We had an ensuite room in a comfortable home. As it had been suggested that we should have a meal at Plockton, we drove there for dinner. We opted for fish and chips!

This was the view looking out of our window at 10:55pm!

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