Saturday, 24th June, 2023

We woke refreshed (the airconditioner was running all night). On reflection, we decided that we would stay at the Premier Inn as the room was comfortable and, although the journey into London was quite long, it was also quite easy. Disappointingly, we found that we were not able to stay as some of the time we needed was fully booked. First things first, we had breakfast! This was a buffet at Premier Inn and was actually very nice. Luckily, we didn't have to check out of our room until midday so we got stuck into more research. After about 2 hours we found another place on Airbnb which fits our needs (although it is considerably dearer than our original place). We couldn't check in until 3:00pm so we spent two hours in the restaurant at Premier Inn (which was closed but quite cool and comfortable). We departed at 2:00pm.

The traffic was very slow and it took almost 90 minutes to get there. We were met by our host who showed us around our flat. Not only do we have a bedroom each, but also a bathroom each! The flat is air-conditioned, on the ground floor and includes a clothes washer and dryer, and a full kitchen with a dishwasher. We are on the edge of the River Thames with a view across the Royal Albert Dock. There is a Docklands Light Rail station about 5 minutes' walk away. I think it will do! Look for some photos tomorrow.

We have booked shows for most nights during our stay in London. Tonight it was "Wicked" at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. The sets, costumes and acting were all very good but the music was amplified so much that it was difficult to hear the words.

It took about an hour to get "home" via three different railway lines. It was very hot and crowded. We arrived at 11:30pm.

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